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    Save money and do it yourself by renting your equipment at Sound-Delight

Dry Hire

You need a speaker, a spotlight or full party or band set? So just get in touch with us to get an offer and use our know-how to get the appropriate equipment for your needs. There a solution for every problem.

Sound equipment

Rent our high-quality speakers, p.a. systems, microphones, amplifiers, mixing consoles, effects and save money for your event.


  • Speakers: P.A. Systems, Amplifiers: PL-Audio, Dynacord, JBL
  • Microphones: Sennheiser, Neumann, Beyerdynamic, Yamaha
  • Mixing-Consoles: Midas, Mackie, Yamaha
  • Effects: BSS, DBX, TC-Electronic, Art, Behringer

Light equipment

Every event needs a cool light setup.We have setups every size of events and for every budget.


  • Conventional Spotlights: PAR 64, Theaterspots, Floodspots
  • LED Spotlights: Cameo, Showtec
  • Moving Heads: Martin MACs, Cameo Scanner
  • Effects: Antari Fog Machines, LED Strobes

Video systems

Projectors (beamers), Screens, LED and LCD displays, LED panels, Split systems, Camera equipment, Displays, Playback equipment, Video direction


Lectern desk, Interpreter Booth, Podium Platforms, Design Stands for Plasma/LCD-screens, Drape Kit, Molleton, Alu-Truss, Tripods, Theater Stage, Walkie-Talkies, Stage Rigging

We also offer

Hight Quality Equipment

Sound-Delight has high quality and state-of-the-art equipment, which is regularly replaced and controlled. Our clients are getting the same quality as every professional.

Support in logistics

Your rented equipment doesn’t fit into your car? No problem, just contact us so we can help you by delivering the equipment right to the event location.

Qualified technicians

Our sound and light engineers have a lot of experience in their job and it is their passion to get best result for our clients.


You not only need the equipment, but also a plan how to connect and setup your stage? Sound-Delight is the perfect partner in for your event solution. Check it out.

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