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    From one channel vocal to multi-channel orchestra recordings.



You want a memory from your last concert or to sell a CD of you next concert? Just contact us! Due to our musical background we have developed a huge know-how in music. We know, for example, exactly what the different instruments and voices are supposed to sound like in the different music genres.

Over the years we have developed the perfect setups for every orchestra. We are not only experts in classical music recording, but also in all other music genres.


Beside the live-recording, Sound-Delight is your partner for a whole CD production. We developed a studio, that we can setup everywhere, whether you want to record in a church, outdoors or in studio atmosphere. Due to years of experience Sound-Delight is able to professionally advise you on this topic, so that you get your perfect recording.

We take care of the whole preproduction by booking the venue for the recording and planning how the CD is recorded. Afterwards ourexperienced sound-engineers do the recording with you and do the postproduction, from mastering to the final CD. We are also providing a CD pressing offer, to get your product onto as many CDs as you need.

Just ask for an offer.

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