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Wentex Transparent Set

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Brand: Wentex

You can rent and buy all sorts of Pipes & Drapes systems, but there is no system as versatile and easy to use as Wentex Pipes & Drapes. As a result of pure innovations, our Pipes & Drapes system is far easier to move around than any other system in the market. It is also very decorative. All that makes it the no. 1 choice for theatres, events, business premises, exhibitions, and many more.

The revolutionary 4-way connector system
If you have used a Pipes & Drapes system before, you probably know what the shortcomings are: for example, telescopic drape support that detaches, irregular hanging curtains, or clumsy mounting.
The revolutionary and patented 4-way connector with its autolock system makes these occurrences a thing of the past. This system guarantees solid connections of uprights and drape supports while they can still be adjusted to every conceivable direction. Wentex Pipes & Drapes goes ever further. Another advantage is that the four openings of the connectors have a universal size of 16 mm. That gives you room for mounting a camera, speaker, or lamp. Using an adapter, you can also link the 4-way connector seamlessly to all Pipes & Drapes systems with round uprights.

Additional advantages
You will discover additional advantages when you use Wentex Pipes & Drapes. Our telescopic uprights made of reinforced aluminum can be assembled up to 6 meters without the need for ladders, and their locking heads guarantee an easy and robust connection. In addition, our baseplates with rounded-off corners are reinforced to bear extra weight.
The reinforced drape supports can bear a weight of 25 kg and they can be adjusted to up to 3 meters in length. The Velcro system guarantees that the curtains are hanging even and straight.

This set contains:

  • 2x Wentex Baseplate  600(l) x 600(w)mm - 14Kg, Black (powder coated)
  • 2x Wentex Baseplate pin 400(h)mm, Orange
  • 2x Wentex Telescopic upright - 3-way, 180(h)-->420(h)cm, Black (powder coated), incl. 4-way connector
  • 1x Wentex Telescopic drape support, 180(l)-->300(l)cm, Black (powder coated)
  • 1x Wentex Transparent Screen, 2,5(h) x 1,3(w)

Other accessories, pipes, and drapes are available. Please check the attached catalog and feel free to contact us!